Van Phân Phối DOPAG

Van Phân Phối DOPAG

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Dispensing valves by DOPAG are used in all industry sectors for discharging low to high-viscosity media. They feature high precision and very high repeatability with regard to discharge quantity. These valves are available in different series and design s
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Handheld dispensing valves

For manual dispensing of grease and oil












The handheld dispensing valve draws on the tried and tested dispensing valves made by DOPAG. Having been developed specifically for use in manual applications, the handheld dispensing valve is an excellent performer in applications where grease or oil are dispensed continuously by hand. The shot volume is regulated by adjusting the valve opening time and material pressure.  Additional components for measurement and control are available. The handheld dispensing valve is mounted vertically and allows access even to hard to reach areas. Due to its user-friendly design, the handling is simple and quick.

For volumetric dispensing and dot application DOPAG recommends the handheld metering valve.


  • Type: LW2.5 (based on the dispensing valve)
  • Only available as a complete assembly
  • Pneumatic or electronic version
  • For vertical mounting on a balancer or similar
  • Ergonomic handle






High-speed valves

Contactless application of lubricants from up to 120mm distance

The high-speed valve is used in contactless (from a distance) applications of grease and oil where stringing must be avoided. The compact design of the valve enables an effortless and effective greasing of narrow and hard-to-reach spaces. The dot application takes place in the longitudinal direction of the nozzle with a perfect material cut off after each shot. With short cycle times, this valve is ideal for integration into highly efficient processes. Thanks to an innovative nozzle with a self-cleaning effect and an integrated filter, the high-speed valve delivers a perfectly clean application every time. An integrated heating element keeps the material properties at their optimum, ensuring high process stability and reproducibility.


  • Shot application
  • Nozzle size Ø 0.21 – 0.81 mm
  • Input pressure max. 70 bar
  • 24V DC solenoid valve for maximum shot frequency of 100 Hz
  • Integrated 230 V AC / 155 W heating with a temperature sensor PT100


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