Chamber metering valves DOPAG

Chamber metering valves DOPAG

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Chamber metering valves

Extremely accurate and drip-free dosing of fluids






















Chamber metering valves are used for dot application of low to high viscosity media. Compared to the needle metering valve, they offer a larger range of shot sizes. Thanks to an innovative design that features a ‘snuff back‘ effect, these valves are characteristic for their high process stability and dripfree application when dispensing low-viscosity media. The shot size is determined by the chamber volume, which can be adjusted within a predetermined range using a stop screw. The metering cycle is controlled either pneumatically or electrically via a solenoid valve. This valve series allows a highly repeatable metering of small quantities up to 100 ml within short cycle times. Manual application with a handle is just as possible as the integration into a fully automated process.


  • Dot application (volumetric metering)
  • Shot size 0.05 - 100.00 ml (depending on model)
  • Material input pressure 40 - 80 bar
  • Compatible with stroke detection
  • Snuff -back eff ect


  • Solenoid valve plate 24 V
  • Signal generator with various cables
  • Various adapters and needle tips
  • Pneumatic or electric handle
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