Needle metering valves DOPAG

Needle metering valves DOPAG

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Needle metering valves

Fast and accurate dosing of low to high viscosity media






















Needle metering valves are suitable for dot application of low to high viscosity media. With this series, very small quantities of up to 3ml per shot can be discharged with high reproducibility and short cycle times. The valve consists of two structurally separate parts, meaning that material cannot leak into the drive cylinder and interfere with the movement of the valve needle. This feature makes the needle metering valve an exceptionally reliable and low-maintenance piece of metering equipment. Shot size is determined by the volume of the valve chamber, which can be adjusted within a predetermined range using a stop screw. The metering cycle can be controlled either pneumatically or electrically via a solenoid valve. DOPAG needle metering valves are perfectly suitable for manual applications with a handle as well as for fully automated processes.

Product Features

  • Dot application (volumetric dispensing)
  • Shot size 0.001 - 3.00 ml (depending on model)
  • Material input pressure 3 - 50 bar
  • Compatible with stroke detection
  • Sealing available in various sizes and material finishes


  • Solenoid valve plate 24 V
  • Signal generator with various cables
  • Various adapters and needle tips
  • Micro-flow sensor
  • Pneumatic or electric handle
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