Handheld metering valves DOPAG

Handheld metering valves DOPAG

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Handheld metering valves

Manual dispensing of lubricants












Based on the design of the tried and tested lubriLine metering valves, DOPAG has developed vertical handheld metering valves for manual use. The valves are available in three different versions and are suitable for all applications requiring a highly accurate and clean manual application of grease or oil. Even hard to reach areas are very easy to access with them. Moreover, their user-friendly design will come handy at any manual workplace relying on simple and quick handling.

The handheld metering valves are built for volumetric, dot application of material. They are the perfect choice for applications where high repeatability is important. However, if the requirement is for continuous dispensing instead, then we recommend using our handheld dispensing valves.


  • Available in the following versions: 
  • 0.003 - 0.2ml (based on needle metering valve)
  • 0.05-0.5ml (based on chamber metering valve)
  • 0.1 - 3ml (based on chamber metering valve)
  • Only available as a complete assembly
  • Pneumatic or electronic version
  • For vertical mounting on a balancer or similar
  • Ergonomic handle
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