High-speed valves DOPAG

High-speed valves DOPAG

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High-speed valves

Contactless application of lubricants from up to 120mm distance
























The high-speed valve is used in contactless (from a distance) applications of grease and oil where stringing must be avoided. The compact design of the valve enables an effortless and effective greasing of narrow and hard-to-reach spaces. The dot application takes place in the longitudinal direction of the nozzle with a perfect material cut off after each shot. With short cycle times, this valve is ideal for integration into highly efficient processes. Thanks to an innovative nozzle with a self-cleaning effect and an integrated filter, the high-speed valve delivers a perfectly clean application every time. An integrated heating element keeps the material properties at their optimum, ensuring high process stability and reproducibility.



  • Shot application

  • Nozzle size Ø 0.21 – 0.81 mm
  • Input pressure max. 70 bar
  • 24V DC solenoid valve for maximum shot frequency of 100 Hz
  • Integrated 230 V AC / 155 W heating with a temperature sensor PT100



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