Handheld dispensing valves DOPAG

Handheld dispensing valves DOPAG

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Handheld dispensing valves

For manual dispensing of grease and oil












The handheld dispensing valve draws on the tried and tested dispensing valves made by DOPAG. Having been developed specifically for use in manual applications, the handheld dispensing valve is an excellent performer in applications where grease or oil are dispensed continuously by hand. The shot volume is regulated by adjusting the valve opening time and material pressure.  Additional components for measurement and control are available. The handheld dispensing valve is mounted vertically and allows access even to hard to reach areas. Due to its user-friendly design, the handling is simple and quick.

For volumetric dispensing and dot application DOPAG recommends the handheld metering valve.


  • Type: LW2.5 (based on the dispensing valve)
  • Only available as a complete assembly
  • Pneumatic or electronic version
  • For vertical mounting on a balancer or similar
  • Ergonomic handle
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