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Cover material with abrasion resistance is implemented. Abrasion against other hose or piping is minimized. Compact bend radius makes to use for mast hose of Fork Lift.


YPH series was developed just for pilot line. It's minimized small outside diameter ideally suited to the compact lay line requirement.


AX series is processed abrasion resistance sheet on outer cover. Protector for abrasion on hose is not required. Do not use when illuminated with urtlaviolet light otherwise life of abraision resistance sheet on outer cover is degraded.


SC series were designed for suction line. Maximum suction/vacuum pressure is -86kPa.


As a result of improvement of the quality of the inside and outside rubbers, the heat resistance performance was much improved. The maximum temperature for the use of the HW series now reaches at 150˚C.The life expectancy of the HW series has been also improved at the 120˚C.


Only insert a hose into a fitting and then you can use the assembly. No need for band tightening or clamping. Usable with up to 120˚C hot water.


AJ hose series endurance up to 68.6MPa(700kg/cm2) through 98.0MPa(1000kg/cm2). Cubic expansion is small because pressure is transferred swiftly, precisely, and light weight.


Reinforcement is implemented Aramid yarn braid. It enhanced flexibility by 50% and lighten weight by 30% compared to conventional jack hose.
Surge pressures higher than the maximum operating pressure will shorten hose life.


Superior high pressure and high temperature resistance. Operating limit temperaturre is up to 210℃ continuously and 250℃ intermittently superior tube material for resistance to damp.


i-bar hose was developed to minimize kink.Easy to build compact lay-line. High abrasion resistance of outer cover reduced by 1/5 to 1/3 compared to current product and guarantee long service life. NN173 hose series are implemented polyester elastomer for outer cover and inner tube. It enhance flexibility and cold resistance up to -55˚C.


N177 hose wears wire braid to build in machining tool.


Pricking processes for easy permeation of water vapor 800,000 cycles impulse test is cleared exceeding JIS specification Special fitting is available. HWBF: High water base fluid. Fitting standard material is mild steel plated black or Nickel Stainless steel material is available.


Used for Phosphate esters hydraulic oil as fire resistant hose. We recommend G210 hose series for HWBF Glass wool wearied on P210 hose is recommended when used under high ambient temperature, 100˚C more.


The cover rubber is made of oil-resistance material as well.Even the outside of the hose is poured by the rolling lubricant oil, the rubber material is sufficiently resistant for regular use. The hose is very hard to be smashed. At the same time it has a quality of being flexible. Consequently the hose is found convenient in a narrow space.


Quick and easy assembly: Only cut a hose to the required length and insert fitting (WS18 Stockless Reusable fitting) after lubricating it. Special hose insertion tool is available. Fittings can be reusable. All fittings are reusable. Even if a hose is damaged, the metal fittings can be reused unless there is a deformation or flaw on them. Reduce inventory: As the hoses can be assembled easily, there is no need to stock hose assemblies of a specific length and fittings. You can stock hoses and fittings separately and can reduce inventory. We have Black, Blue, Green and Red color. You can change hose at application line. (-12 only Black color)

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